Schott UG1 UG11 UG5 UG2A UV Bandpass Filters

Schott is one of the leading manufacturers of optical filter glass. With UG range acting as UV bandpass filters.

Kingsview Optical manufactures custom UV bandpass filters when standard filter windows aren’t suitable. It is possible to produce filters in a wide range of shapes through the use of CNC profilers. From prototype batches to full production Kingsview has facility to offer both. Our specialty is offering rapid turnaround on filters. We can also offer a number of coating options depending on your requirement.

Schott UG Filter Datasheets

UV Bandpass filters
UG1    UG11    UG2A    UG5

Standard Filter Tolerances

Size: 0.8mm to 100mm
Dimension Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
Parallelism: better than 10 arc seconds on twin lap
Thickness tolerance: ±0.05mm
Surface Quality (Scratch/Dig): 40/20
Coating: Broadband AR, Gold Mirror,
Finishing: Can offer thermal toughening on parts
Schott KG5 filter with gold mirror

UV Bandpass filter applications

Schott UG UV bandpass filters are used on a range of applications. Applications such as fraud detection of bank notes use these meaning they can use a broad beam light source with a UG filter only allowing the necessary UV to pass.

The most commonly used is Schott UG1 but for deep UV applications UG5 will be better suited.

UV Bandpass filter coating options

  • Broadband Antireflective (BBAR) – Multilayer coating can be used for the UV further enhancing performance.

  • Wide angle broadband AR coating – When your filters need to work over extended angles of incidence

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Schott UG Filter transmittance comparison

Schott UG filters