At Kingsview Optical, we have a wealth of experience in developing production optical assembly lines. From prototype design to large-scale production, our team excels in creating efficient and cost-effective methods, procedures, and inspection plans to ensure top-quality standards are met. One noteworthy accomplishment was our production run for the defence industry, where we manufactured an impressive 22,000 units for NLAW system right here at our site in Rye, East Sussex. This achievement showcases our meticulous attention to detail and reliability, traits that are crucial for defense-related work. As the integration of optical systems with electronics continues to grow, we are also well-versed in developing production for optoelectronic assemblies. With our expertise in optical and optoelectronic assembly, we are well-equipped to meet your unique needs.

Our facility boasts three clean rooms dedicated to optical assembly and vacuum coating. Our first clean room, constructed in 2003, offers ample space for optical assembly tasks requiring a clean room environment. In 2012, we went above and beyond by building a higher standard clean room equipped with HEPA 14 filters in the ceiling. This room ensures impeccable results when assembling sealed optical assembly systems.

The third clean room, on the other hand, was meticulously designed as a dark room specifically for manufacturing reticules/graticules used in imaging systems. Utilizing our state-of-the-art vacuum coatings, we have the expertise to produce any desired reticule through advanced techniques like photolithography or lift off process. All we need from you is a CAD model or PDF of your pattern, and we can usually deliver within 3-4 weeks (depending on workload). Rest assured, all manufacturing is done in-house.

We would gladly welcome you to visit our facility, where you can witness our optoelectronic and optical assembly capabilities firsthand.