A precision tool, designed to provide a modern alternative to the roofing square.

OMI Cowley originally made this product (Red Version). Kingsview bought the instruments of the S.O.L group when they went into recievership & OMI Cowley was part of that group.

The roofmaster has been designed to simplify the work of the carpenter on site. With this tool the skilled craftsmen should have no problem in constructing traditional roofs of complex design.

The concept of the roofmaster is built on one main factor, the pitch angle of the roof to be constructed. This angle will be specified by the architect or designer and shown on the relevant drawings. When this figure has been determined, it is the only number required to set the tool for all roof members.

The graduated arc is designated to each particular roof member. The required cutting angles for any given member is obtained by setting the adjustable arm to the pitch angle number on the selected arc.

The Roofmaster has been designed to cover all standard roof shapes based on rectangular or square plans. Pitch angles and rafter lengths for roofs pitched at 16° and 75° have been covered. For a more detail explanation of how to use the roofmaster a pdf of the user manual can be found here RoofmasterManual

The roofmaster consists of a rugged black anodised aluminium blade sliding between a lockable double sided arm. Laser Engraved on each face of the blade are three main features.

  1.  A set of calibrated arcs, each designed to cover specific roof members
  2. Tables for length of common, hip and valley rafters per metre of run.
  3. Information panels showing which edge of the blade to mark for the selected cut.

Roofmaster specification:

  • Rugged anodised aluminium construction

  • Easy to read laser etched markings

  • Angle cuts for all roof members

  • Lengths of rafters marked on tool, no separate tables required

  • Designed for easy use

  • Only pitch angle is required to obtain all cut angles and rafter length

  • Supplied with manual in a waterproof case.

  • The size is 40cm long edge

  • Lockable Setting Edge

Examples of Use

  1. Cutting Angles

To find the plumb and seat cuts for a common rafter for a roof pitched at 35 degrees.

  1. Select arc for common rafter cuts 16-45 degrees
  2. Lock adjustable arm on number 35.
  3.  Hold tool firmly against the rafter material.
  4. Mark the edges indicated by the information panels for the required cuts.

This sequence of operations is carried out on each arc to obtain the cut angles for all roof members.

2. Rafter Lengths

The common rafter and hip and valley rafter lengths per metre of run, for roof pitches of 16-45 degrees and 45-72 degrees are engraved on each side of the blade.

To obtain the true lengths of these, the adjustable arm is set to the correct pitch angle figure on the common rafter arc. The numbers then aligned with indicators along the top edge of the arm will be the common rafter lengths per metre of run and the hip and valley length per metre of run.

When the figures shown are multiplied by the common rafter run, the true lengths of rafter will be obtained.

Note: The readings for hip and valley lengths per metre of run are taken with the arm set to the pitch angle on the common rafter arc.

Rafter lengths example: roof pitch 35 degrees Span 6.486

    1. Arm set at no 35 on common rafter arc
    2. Readings aligned with indicators on adjustable arm. Common rafter 1.221 Hip and valley 1.578
    3. Common rafter run is span/2 = 6.486/2=3.243
    4. True length of common rafter = 1.221 x 3.243 = 3.959
    5. True length of hip and valley rafter = 1.578 x 3.243 = 5.117

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