Roofmaster Black Anodised (OMI Cowley)


A precision tool, designed to provide a modern alternative to the roofing square.

OMI Cowley originally made this product (Red Version). Kingsview bought the instruments of the S.O.L group when they went into recievership & OMI Cowley was part of that group.

Has been designed to simplify the work of the carpenter on site. With this tool the skilled craftsmen should have no problem in constructing traditional roofs of complex design. The Roofmaster has been designed to cover all standard roof shapes based on rectangular or square plans. Pitch angles and rafter lengths for roofs pitched at 16° and 75° have been covered.

Kingsview still make the Roofmaster now in black anodised aluminium. Additional information is laser engraved into the rugged metal product. We understand plastic copies are available that are cheaper in price but they are fragile in cold and hot conditions. We believe our product will last a life time if not abused.

Roofmaster specification:

  • Anodised aluminium construction

  • Easy to read laser etched markings

  • Angle cuts for all roof members

  • Lengths of rafters marked on tool, no separate tables required

  • Designed for easy use

  • Only pitch angle is required to obtain all cut angles and rafter length

  • Supplied with manual in a waterproof case.

  • The size is 40cm long edge

  • Lockable Setting Edge

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