Digital Microscopes

Kingsview Optical manufactures a range of digital measuring microscopes. These microscopes are all manufactured in the UK to give precise repeatable results when measuring samples through non contact measurement.


Kingsview Optical manufactures the 2202D digital cathetometer to give repeatable non contact measurements of samples which are either far away or in harsh environments where it is not possible to get access to.


A precision tool, designed to provide a modern alternative to the roofing square. The Roofmaster has been designed to cover all standard roof shapes based on rectangular or square plans. Pitch angles and rafter lengths for roofs pitched at 16° and 75° have been covered.

MC-10-80 Electronic

The MC-10-80 Electronic is specifically designed for the civilian FN Herstal Ps90 offering a great cheek weld. The sight is a unit power telescopic sight with a black graticule for day use with integrated electronic illumination for low light use. The sight is manufactured with a black anodised aluminium housing.