Achromatic Doublets

Achromatic doublets are made up of 2 lens elements. One element will generally be made of a crown glass of high vd and a flint glass with low vd. Achromatic doublets are used to correct chromatic aberration.

Kingsview Optical manufactures custom achromatic doublets when stock lenses won’t do. From prototype batches to full production Kingsview has facility to offer both. Offering rapid turnaround on lenses is our specialty. We can also offer a number of coating options depending on your requirement.

Standard Lens Tolerances

Size: 0.8mm to 150mm
Diameter Tolerance: -0.05 mm
Centre Thickness Tolerance: ±0.05 mm
Decentration (wedge): ± 2′
Irregularity: λ/4
Spherical Error: 0.5% of radius or better
Surface Quality (Scratch/Dig): 40/20
Adhesive: Norland 61
Coating: Broadband AR, V coat, Mgf2 etc
Finishing: Edge black painted, steps, bevels etc
Materials: Schott, Ohara, CDGM, Fused Silica
custom achromatic doublet

Lens Tooling

Dependent on the lens geometry and numbers it will be decided to either manufacture the lens conventionally or using the CNC lens line. Generally the main reasons  for the decision is based on the radius needed. As a result steep radius lenses tend to be better suited to the CNC as the process is done one at a time. However if the lens is shallow and you can fit many in a block it can be beneficial to polish conventionally.

Polishing using the CNC there will be a tooling charge as custom tools will need to be manufactured. If it is done conventionally provided you use one of the many tools we have in stock you won’t have the expense of the tooling charge. This can be beneficial when the numbers are small. Here you can find our tooling list in Zemax format which you can then use to optimise your design to our tools.

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We can offer a one stop manufacturing solution for all precision optical components including spherical lenses, optical prisms, filtersOptical Filters and precision windows. Custom lens design service is also available enabling you to give us your optical requirement and for us to create a tailor made solution.

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