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Optical Prism Manufacture

Kingsview manufactures optical prisms to any shape or size from micro endoscopic prisms 0.5×0.5 mm right up to prisms found in military periscopes. Over many years we have supplied a standard range of periscope prisms for the British Challenger Tank and the M2 Abrams and were supplied to Helio Mirror Company. We are able to produce angles better than 10 seconds and can be confirmed with Rank Taylor Hobson auto collimators. We also have capability to pitch polish to exacting flatness which can tested on a Zygo interferometer. The type of materials we work with are over the visible range from a typical N-BK7 up to high index N-SF66. We also have onsite optical coating capability from multilayer A/R to metallised mirrors surfaces.

Please get in touch as we would be happy to offer a quotation for your optical prism requirement from small prototype scale to full production.

Types of Optical Prism

  • Right Angle Prism

  • Roof Prism

  • Optical wedge

  • Penta Prisms

  • TIR Prisms

  • Amici Prism

Custom Optical Prism Capabilities

Size: 0.5mm to 400mm
Angle Tolerance: 10 Arc Seconds
Dimensional Tolerance: ±0.01mm
Surface Quality (Scratch/Dig): 10/5
Flatness: λ/[email protected]