Custom Graticules Manufacture

Kingsview Optical has the capability to manufacture precision custom graticules through photolithography or liftoff dependent on the pattern needed. With on site optical vacuum coating we can produce graticules using various different metals that best suit your application. As we also manufacture optical components it is also possible to deposit your patterns to a wide range of substrates such as prisms, windows and filters etc. The graticules can be antireflective coated for specific wavelengths all to enhance the performance and offer you a better product.

Graticule applications

  • Microscope eyepieces 

  • Resolution test charts

  • Counting chambers

  • Precision Apertures

  • Sighting aids and reticles

  • Polka dot beamsplitters

Graticule materials

  • Chrome

Chrome is the most commonly used deposited materials for graticules production. The reasons are that it very resilient and tough which helps the graticule manufacturing process in achieving high precision patterns. The reflection from Chrome is low at around 60% so if you are not using the surface as a reflector this is likely to be the correct choice.

  • Protected aluminium

The reflection from the deposited surface can be important in some applications. Protected aluminium offers a higher reflection than chrome at approx 85%. The aluminium is still resilient and tough exhibiting good adhesion properties but not quite as good as chrome. So if you are using the reflection you would be better off using aluminium but if not chrome.

  • Protected Silver

Protected silvers offers the highest reflection of the 3 at approximately 95%. There is a downside as out of the 3 it is the most difficult to manufacture. The reason is the adhesion properties of silver make it very difficult to withstand the photolithography process. Silver is nowhere as resilient as chrome or aluminium so wouldn’t be suited to be used in an outside environment as opposed to the other options.

  • High contrast black

This option is a high contrast black option which was developed in house. The coating is very resilient and offers the highest contrast of the options. This option is particularly good for resolution charts.