Optical Windows Manufacture

Kingsview Optical is able to manufacture high precision optical windows of virtually any shape or size. With use of a CNC edger using CAD/CAM we can profile very complex shapes fairly routinely. All we would need is a STEP file that should be easily created from any CAD software package. It is possible to manufacture micro windows used in endoscopy and such applications. Large optical windows can be manufactured for use in applications such as machine vision.

Twin lap polishers are used when the highest precision is required achieving parallelism of better than 10 arc seconds. We have in house anti-reflective coating capability to increase performance of the window if required designed to your specific wavelength. On site thermal toughening is also available however we are limited on the size of the part we can toughen so discussion will be needed on your particular part.

Optical window materials

Kingsview Optical can manufacture optical windows from a large range of substrates. Typical windows are manufactured from optical glass from manufacturers Schott, Ohara or CDGM which is usually suitable for most applications in the visible. Custom UV fused silica windows can be manufactured when your application requires good UV performance or high heat resilience. Sapphire windows can be supplied when your application is being used in the toughest environments due to how hard and chemical resistant it is. It is also possible to manufacture optical windows from filter glass such as KG5 or NG1 from Schott. A list of filters can be found at Schott’s site here.  Most materials can be catered for so please get in touch so we can discuss your options.

We can offer a one stop manufacturing solution for all precision optical components including spherical lenses, optical prisms and mirrors. Also available is a custom lens design service enabling you to give us your optical requirement for us to create a tailor made solution.

Should you need a quote please get in touch for a no obligation quotation and we hopefully will be able to help.