Optomechanical Manufacture

At Kingsview Optical, we’re proud to have full optomechanical manufacturing capabilities right here at our site. With our 2 CNC mills and CNC lathe for turning jobs, we have the tools necessary to handle most optomechanical project. One of our CNC mills has a 4th axis for more complex parts. With our CAD/CAM software, we can manufacture parts directly from CAD models.

By having our own metalwork machining capabilities, we’re able to produce components and assemblies quickly and efficiently, without relying on third party suppliers. This gives us complete control over our supply chain and allows our designers to work directly with our machinists. This close collaboration ensures that both sides understand each other’s needs, resulting in the right solution that not only works but can also be easily manufactured.

The benefits of having these capabilities in-house are immense. From reducing the time it takes to manufacture prototypes to streamlining large-scale production, we’re able to operate with unprecedented efficiency. In today’s fast-paced market, being able to build, test, and iterate on prototypes quickly is vital, and our optomechanical manufacturing capabilities help us do just that.

This capability is a great addition to our business. It works well with our lens manufacture and vacuum coating, as we can now create tooling and coating jigs in-house. This is especially important for custom optics and vacuum coating, as we often require unique tooling and jigs. By handling everything ourselves, we are able to keep prices low and ensure quick delivery times.