Custom Optical Filters

Kingsview Optical is able to manufacture custom optical filters of virtually any shape, size or thickness. It is possible to manufacture micro filters all the way up to 150mm. For complex shapes all we would need is a STEP file of the part which should be easily created from your CAD software. Then using CAD/CAM and our CNC edger this can be programmed fairly routinely. Through this method it is also possible to drill holes in filters which can sometimes aid mounting etc.

Twin lap polishers are used when the highest precision is required achieving parallelism of better than 10 arc seconds. It is also possible to polish or grind wedges on to filters. We have in house anti-reflective coating capability to increase performance of the filter if required designed to your specific wavelength.

Schott optical filter glass

Schott optical filter glass has a vast optical filter list which there are links to datasheets below for your reference. Depending on your requirement there should be a filter that will suit if not please get in touch and we can discuss your optical filter application.

Neutral Density filters
NG1   NG11    NG3    NG4    NG5    NG9
Bandpass Filters
BG18    BG25    BG3     BG38     BG39     BG40    BG42      BG7


VG20    VG9

Longpass Filters
GG395    GG400    GG420    GG435   GG455    GG475    GG495

N-WG280    N-WG295    N-WG305    N-WG320

OG515    OG530    OG550    OG570    OG590

RG610    RG630    RG645    RG665    RG695    RG715   RG780    RG830    RG850    RG9    RG1000

Multiband Filter

Polarising filters

Kingsview can supply polarising filters in either plastic sheet or full dielectric coating. The plastic sheet option can be cut to whatever shape you need. The sheet can also be antireflection coated to your specific requirements. It is also possible to sandwich the sheet between between glass to custom shapes. and sizes.

The dielectric option enables the coating to be put directly on glass such as windows or lenses. The coating can be tailor made to your exact wavelength and angle of incidence requirements.

If you have a requirement such as this please get in touch to discuss.