At Kingsview Optical we have full metalwork manufacture capability in house with 2 CNC mills and a CNC lathe for turning jobs. We do have a 4th axis available on one of our CNC mills for more complex parts with CAD/CAM software allowing us to manufacture parts from CAD models. Having metalwork machining capability allows us to produce components and assemblies that have been designed in house quickly and efficiently without relying on third party suppliers. This puts us in control of our supply and means our designers are in direct contact with our machinists. This enables both sides to discuss easily what each other would need to come to the right solution that works and just as importantly is able to be manufactured. All these factors give huge benefits and efficiency gains in decreasing the time it takes to manufacture prototypes through to large scale production. This is particularly important in today’s market where the speed of which you can build a prototype test it and out to market can be the difference between a products success and its failure.

This capability also complements other areas of our business such as lens manufacture and vacuum coating as we are able to manufacture tooling or specific coating jigs without relying on others. This is particular key for custom optics and vacuum coating where custom tooling and coating jigs will need to be manufactured. Without the need for third parties we can keep prices and delivery times down.