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Custom optical component manufacturer such as lenses, prisms, mirrors and windows

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Custom Optics Manufacture

Kingsview Optical has been in business since 1996 and over that time has developed a reputation for quality and reliability in the field of custom optics manufacture here in the UK. Kingsview can manufacture precision optical components including lenses, prisms, mirrors and windows.

The main advantage Kingsview has over it’s competitors is that it is a one stop solution for custom optics manufacture. This includes optical design, optics manufacture, optical coating and assembly. With onsite metalwork capability custom tooling can also be manufactured quickly when an optical design requirement needs to be entirely custom. This enables quick turnarounds bringing development cycles down and customers products to market faster.

Custom Optics Capability

  • CNC Optical Polishing – Spherical Optics 5-80mm

  • Conventional Polishing – 0.5mm -200mm diameter lenses

  • Twin Lap Plano Polishing – When flatness and parallelism are critical

  • Optical Coating  Multilayer A/R to metal mirror coats

  • Electro Optic Assembly – Clean room environment available

  • Metalwork machining – For optic housings and assemblies

  • Reticule Production – Custom designs possible