Optical Thin Film Vacuum Coating

Kingsview Optical based in the UK has extensive coating facility for all aspects of vacuum coating and optical thin films from basic mirrors to multi layer band pass filters.

Coating design is available with the aid of software from Essential Macleod.

Prior to coating  we use a Kerry 7 stage, fully automatic, detergent based ultra sonics we also have a reactive Ion Etch pre clean facility if needed.

Optical Coating UK     

Kingsview has positive pressure clean rooms available for those extra sensitive parts with conventional cleaning for those parts not compatible with detergents and thermal shock.

We have development plants for R & D and small components to 900mm chambers for mass production and those large components

Kingsview has four coating chambers, all have in process ionic cleaning. Three with Ion guns, three with evaporation all have quartz crystal thickness monitoring and photometers.

   Optical Coating UK

Kingsview is able to coat virtually any material onto many materials. Cold vacuum deposition means cemented and painted components can be coated with high performance anti-reflective films and many other coatings.

Optical Coating Design UK   Optical Coating Design UK

Once the process is complete samples are tested with our Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometer, this can measure samples in reflection, absorbance and transmission modes from 200 to 3200nm

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