Custom Optical Design and Assemblies Manufacturing in the UK

At Kingsview optical we can offer, a fully integrated mechanical and optical custom design process. For most requirements we at Kingsview have the skills and expertise to provide a solution completely in house. For more complex requirements such as highly sophisticated lens designs or the need for involved electronic circuitry. We have built a strong network of professionals who are experts in their fields to aid in the development of your product.

Please don't be afraid to get in touch by email or call 01797 226202 if you would like an informal chat to discuss your requirements.

Custom Precision Lens Design 

 We have access to Zemax - the leading software in custom lens design. Enabling lens designs to be produced tailored to your need.

Custom Optical Mechanical Design UK

Custom Optical Coating Design 

Essential Macleod a software leader in vacuum optical coating design can be used by our engineers to produce custom coatings to meet most customer requirements. Applications include custom designed anti-reflective coatings for use on deep UV to near infra-red, filters, beam splitters, metal and dielectric mirrors and any other material.

Custom Optical Coating 

Custom Lens and Coating Manufacture

 At Kingsview over time we have acquired a wide suite of lens manufacturing equipment to enable us to manufacture any lens design in house. This includes CNC lens generators, high speed polishers, pitch polishers and twin laps. We also have three fully functioning high vacuum coating plants with work currently being carried out to upgrade a fourth.

 Custom lens and coating manufacture

Custom Assembly Design

Using Solidworks – the latest 3D CAD system we are able to design all custom assemblies in house.

Custom Assembly Design


Custom Assembly Manufacture

Kingsview has recently invested heavily to acquire a brand new 4-axis vertical machining centre and CNC lathe. This was done to complement and improve our capabilities in producing complex designs quickly and easily.

Custom Assembly Manufacture



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